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Color Forecast S/S 2025

Color is an essential part of our daily life and the brands that we create. Color gives meaning and emotion to all that we experience. Color changes each year reflect where we are at as a culture, what we value and how that comes to life in the products we choose to buy. The world is in a constant state of evolution and these changes impact our aesthetic desires.

WGSN, a global trend resource, analyzes key trends in technology, society, environment, politics, and creativity to determine the most versatile and relevant colors across all industries. Each season they determine which key colors stand as the most versatile and relevant across all industries. For 2025, colors that bring a sense of reassurance will be key due to anxious feelings and poly-crisis experienced in recent years.

Future Dusk (Coloro 129-35-18)  by Rose Pilkington for WGSN x Coloro


Future Dusk is the anticipated color of the year for 2025. This captivating shade nestled between shades of blue and purple is imbued with a sense of enchantment. It exudes depth, moodiness and intrigue. With the Metaverse and imaginative concepts driving immersive and transformative colors to the forefront, I’m excited to see dark, moody shades gaining traction. This trend is reflected in the luxurious and innovative design of Rolls Royce and Iris Van Herpen’s newest bespoke phantom, which pushes the boundaries of craftsmanship and innovation.

Transcendent Pink  (Coloro 021-80-08)  by Rose Pilkington for WGSN x Coloro


The newly emerging dusty pink shade is revolutionizing traditional notions of pink with its transcendent qualities. Its elevated neutrality creates a perfect balance, setting it apart as an elegant and sophisticated color choice. Its reassuring appearance provides a sense of stability and grounding, cocooning those who embrace it. This versatile color works across all genders, age groups, and seasons, making it a commercially dependable choice. This hue is being used across categories from supplements to jewelry by Rhodes & Co.

Aquatic Awe (Coloro 086-70-25)  by Rose Pilkington for WGSN x Coloro


The hue of transformative turquoise evokes a sense of awe and wonder, inviting us to appreciate the strange and uncommon aspects of nature. This turquatic color has an ability to transport us to a world of fantasy and surrealism. It is a color that exists in the space between natural and synthetic, where magic and reality coexist in harmony. Inspired by bioluminescence, the fantastical underwater world has been so influential that it has become an important theme in the world of beauty, jewelry and accessories.

Sunset Coral (Coloro 009-58-31)  by Rose Pilkington for WGSN x Coloro


This warm and vibrant hue of red triggers an exuberant and joyous vibe, sparks joy right away! It creates an immersive experience, brings forth images of vacation escapism and conscious indulgence, think beachy drink vibes. Embrace the packaging and cosmetics industry with this energizing shade, perfect for tactile surfaces and hyper-glossy finishes. With an optimistic tone, this shade is sure to bring positive energy and a cheerful vibe wherever it is used.

Ray Flower (Coloro 037-82-32)  by Rose Pilkington for WGSN x Coloro


The color yellow is a delight! It radiates warmth and is welcoming. This hue has an optimistic and wholesome quality, and it is sure to bring positivity when used. This yellow hue aligns with the growing focus on radical consideration approaches to sustainability and the environment. According to Coloro, people are now realizing the importance of nature in design and are treating it as a board member. This is fantastic news for our planet!

We at Lucid encourage an active presence in protecting biodiversity, and it is heartening to see multidisciplinary designers like Jess Redgrave doing work in this area. Her ClimaFibre project is a super-cool example of creative thinking and environmental consciousness. Using sunflowers as a single source for producing material, the project aims to provide everything from cellulose to other materials. This is the kind of forward thinking and sustainable approach our planet needs right now.


You may be asking yourself: how do I apply these colors? The first step is to know your brand. At Lucid we believe that color strategy is a part of what a brand should have clarity around. Maintaining key brand colors helps with recognition and in building brand equity for your customers. Once that is established, keep fresh with introducing new and emerging color palettes. This makes it easier to know how to apply trending colors and/or mix them in with existing brand colors. For example, if a brand color is close to a key color, use your brand color and spread it across the season in an impactful way. Celebrate it! Also, introduce trending key colors as guest colors to add freshness to an existing brand palette.

Sustainability is also an essential consideration when selecting colors, as it is important to merge color with sustainability strategy by incorporating remaining materials from past seasons. Overall, color selection plays a vital role in building brand recognition and equity, and understanding the societal behaviors and innovators that shape our world.

We are excited about this color palette and look forward to seeing how its use continues to unfold in development leading up to 2025. Cheers to color!